Be your own Dream Catcher!

I was 20 yrs old when I was introduced to the world of Dream Catchers. A chance meeting that today is a part of me and which is making my world larger by the day. Weaving the lustrous woolen threads or the sturdy twines into little webs, sending happy thoughts into every inch of what i make, believing that my positive energy will spread to whose ever home my creations will adorn, this is what keeps me going.

Along with its artistic beauty, the Dream catchers I make also taught me that energy truly does exist in your thoughts and action. So the day I decided to start AHYOKA was the day I left behind negativity. It is the day I started to consciously make an effort to be kinder than the day before. It is the day i knew one hug, one good thought, one totem of good luck goes a long way to change a person’s life and situation. Every one of my friends who have bought my Dream catchers have a piece of my joy and blessing with them.

So Cheers!! Have a little crushed ice with your little cousins or buy some random stranger some flowers, or give that tired old watchman a cup of coffee. One act of kindness will create ripples through out your life, bringing you Joy and happiness. BE YOUR OWN DREAM CATCHER!!



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