funny_29th_birthday_gifts_heart_card-rbc8cbc22a8e3458faacb56acd8d4108b_zk9yi_324Turning 29 yesterday was a huge shift for me. Not that i felt exceptionally responsible or all the more mature. NO. It was knowing how everyone around me reacted to my last year as 20’s girl. People spoke about how I have so much to do, so little time, and how turning 30 next year will change my life forever. Wrinkles, Pressure of re-marrying, Pressure of not having kids, Career graph, the list goes on… And I was taken aback. Because though i knew a lot of these things would come up, I never thought “my time was up”. Who decides these?? Since when did turning 30 become such a big deal? Us wonderful humans live an average of say 60- 70 years, in our generation?? So technically I’ve barely lived 1/3rd of my life. I’ve so much to look forward to.  And yet society dictates my life plan for me. When did society get to decide, by 24 you finish your studies, by 27 your career path should be set, by 28 your life partner is to be decided and before you hit the oh-so-bad 30’s you have kids. And then the next how many ever years you live, you live for your kids. Where is your life? What happened to your plans as a kid to soar and just star gaze and just take the bike and ride forever?? When I asked these questions to the ones who questioned me, they said “Be Practical, Don’t Live in a Dreamworld!”

Well to them I say, SORRY WORLD, BUT AM NOT SORRY!! I’m a DreamWeaver, I’m an artist, Am a human being and a Nature lover. And “society” doesn’t have a place for me. So today, am 29 years and 1 day old, and I say, no one binds me down but my thoughts. So life dealt me a few cards. I can either fold or play on. Either way its my choice. So to all the wonderful ladies and men turning 29, you’ve been worried enough in your 20s, your 30’s are for you. So live it up. I already am. TRAVEL, FALL IN LOVE, EAT WHAT YOU WANT, BE HEALTHY SO YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES, SAVE UP FOR BIG TRIPS, SPLURGE ON THOSE CUTE BALLERINAS, WATCH SUNSETS, ADOPT AN ANIMAL, and more than any of these BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER, KNOW WHAT VIBES YOU GIVE OFF TO THE UNIVERSE, UNIVERSE GIVES IT BACK TO YOU. LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY. You may even inspire someone else to break Society’s mould and be a free spirit. So Cheers to spreading Love, Joy and Spirit to the world.


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