Measuring Life by Coffee Cups




My tryst with Night started way before my eternal Love Affair with Coffee. Though now they both go hand in hand. My first taste of coffee was at my Brahmin neighbour’s home. Her toothless cutesy paati had just made herself the most aromatic Filter Kaapi. They say no one does filter kaapi quite like brahmins do. One sip and I was hooked for life. Then came Bru and Sunrise and Nescafe. Somehow these instant coffees never held the flavours of a good Filter Coffee.

Coffee- you know more of my stories than the best of my friends. You’ve helped relationships bloom, and saw them whither, walked hand in hand with me in my solitude. Almost all the best moments in my life have begun with a cup of coffee. Be it friends like River,with whom I discovered different ways to brew different coffees or those quiet moments spent with my family in the farm looking at the rain, a cup of coffee goes a long way to soothe your soul.

But my favourite kinda coffee is the one I share with myself. The best out of them all has to be – Sundays at The Bagel Shop, at Palli Hill. I stumbled across this haven during one of my strolls to discover Mumbai on my own. The quaint little place, with comfy big furniture and the biggest cup of coffee ever, was almost my second home there. I met travelers from all over the world and sweet locals who told me all the secret little places i should visit. After a hectic week,all I need at night,more than sleep , is a nice book and Coffee in my favourite coffee mug( thanks to my bestie shru-another coffee encounter). The Owl in me loves these moments the most.

So snuggle up with your favourite book & a cuppa, Make that special person a cup of liquid love, Invite that cute neighbour over for long drink of cold coffee, visit the local coffee shop where ever you travel, to meet new people( way better than a drunken night). Whether it is a strong cup of Espresso, Mild Latte, Grande cinnamon latte with nonfat whipped cream and two pumps of caramel syrup, (i don’t know how Starbucks employees remember these crazy orders 😛 ) or a cold cup of Ice Drip coffee, Order your kinda drink and watch the aromas of coffee bring in new life into your World.

P.S.: Any one visiting Malaysia, do check out M-Ti-Cup Studio @ Centrio Pantai Hillpark, Bangsar South. The coffee lover in you will rejoice.


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