My love for Brush Script is fairly new. KellyCreates from Instagram inspired me. Everything from creating my own fonts to the soothing movements of the brush creating perfect letters, makes it such a beautiful artwork to learn. And I love the idea of writing quotes that are personal or something that inspires on a daily basis or even quirky ones that make you laugh. As part of my therapy I’ve decided to challenge myself. One quote a day for a year, accompanied from time to time with my paintings. So I welcome all my friends and people following me for inspirations or suggestions. And anyone willing to join me in this challenge, lets do it!! 🙂

So my first Day 1 Brush Lettering art work is one of the best quotes I’ve seen in recent times. And it truly made me laugh. I’ve used Copic Dual Brush Marker for this one, colours E17 and 100 Black. 


So go ahead and make your POUR decisions, Red, White or Rose. And enjoy the consequences. 

P.S.  Do check out Kelly Creates on Instagram.She is a genius. 


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