Day 15 Detached Emotions 

Have you ever had a relationship go so far down the drain that you no longer even feel the emotions?? 

This is something I see on a daily basis. People not making an effort to stay in friendships, relationships and marriages. Wherein the person doesn’t even care anymore. Sometimes work takes precedence else you are so connected to the cyber world that reality is tough to fathom. 

Relationships made over phones and Internet. We seem to shy away from human contact. Even in relationships it’s easier to end it when things get a little tough. We are emotionally detached. And it works for us thanks to the busy schedules. 

The positive outcome of this is that I  turn it has made us strong. Gone are the days where you mope around for years together for lost relationships. You fall, you brush it off and move on. No more crying and staining your cheeks with mascara. 

Take the good, leave the bad and know nothing can substitute human touch and emotions are to be felt. That’s what being human is all about. 

I’ve used Camlin Brush pen brown and sharpie pen for the magenta.

 Day 14 : Coming back stronger 

This quote is perfect right now. I’m back after a short break. Sometimes work and other responsibility takes precedence over YOU time. This blog and the self challenge of 365 days of Brush Lettering was my ME time activity.  

And when you hit such road blocks know that getting through this, however small or big the problem is,,is what makes life worth living. Else you just exist. We have one life, how adventurous or magical it should be is entirely up to you. 

So don’t cuss at your bad day! Don’t let the hurt of one day spoil the rest of your happy days! We build our life one day at a time with both good memories that makes the foundation of our lives and bad days that makes sure you don’t take life for granted. So take the bad days knowing it can only get better from there on.

I’ve used Camlin Brush Pens for the art.

Day 13:It’s all about the pages!!

To be addicted to the pages of a book is a pleasure you don’t fully understand until you are in it. That’s the reason why the Harry Potter universe is still growing and why DC and Marvel can influence a full generation. 

Getting lost in characters you’ve begun to relate with seems much more a possibility than being able to relate to human. Quotes and verses that seem to stay wih you for life. That’s is ttruly he power of books. Words and characters stay with you for life. Whether it’s the nail biting suspense of a Jeffery Archer  or the rib tickling humour of Calvin And Hobbs or the scintillatingly romantic and erotic Sidney Sheldon, every genre of book takes us into a world of its own. Books are the one gift that you can give to someone that keeps on giving. 

So Grab a book. Leave this world into your fantasy. Have a great read!!! 

Ive used Camlin Brush Pens for this sweet quote. 

Day 12 : Get your flirt on!!


I know most of the world now goes on dates by swipe left, swipe right and god knows how many other weird things online. And the art of pick up lines is gradually dying. Now you already know so much about the other person before hand just by online stalking them before you go on that real date. So you know your ice-breakers, your common interests. And people rarely check out others in a public place, let alone go and ask them out because almost always everyone is on their phone. Or in groups and it gets intimidating. Even then mostly its simple introductions and asking if they want to grab lunch or go out for a drink.

When was the last time someone used a pick up line on you or you used one yourself??  It truly is a dying art form lost in between keystrokes. So get adventurous boys and girls. Don’t go for the cliches. Go old school. Leave a note(but don’t get stalker creepy :/). Get goofy and funny and quirky or super romantic and bold. Pick your choice and try it on that hottie you’ve been wanting to date 😛

Let the Romance begin!!!

I’ve used ARTLINE CORRECTION PEN 0.7MM on Black Chart Paper for this Pick-up Line.

Day 11 : Embrace your inner Phoebe :P

Have you ever felt like you had to control your reactions around people just because they might find you too eccentric?? 

Or have you ever wanted to go jump into the pit full of balls with kids playing in it?? Or wanted to jump rope the way used to as a kid?? 

Sometimes you just got to get your goof on!! Don’t let Muggles let your belief in magic down!!! Jump on that trampoline and let your silly self over. Because when you are your crazy self and you don’t care what otheRs think about you, you take away their power to make you feel less about yourself. So be silly, wear what you want, be who you want to be, in short let your inner Phoebe free. 

Day 7: Adventure Seekers

I’ve always been jealous of people who can pack their bags at a moments notice and take off anywhere they w ant. While most of us aren’t that spontaneous , there has been an increasing amount of youngsters who live on edge with no intentions of setting up their roots.

And then there are people like Shivya Nath, a fellow blogger, travel junkie and an all around badass who left a corporate job to travel the world on her own and writes about it in her blog theshootingstar. Commitments to the people in our life, our job, Monetary gains or losses,keep most of us from taking this step.

And there are the truly awesome set of people who want to share their experiences. 8 individuals,  2 cars, one epic road trip adventure through all of India from north to south, starting from coimbatore travelling through the outer edge of India and returning back to kerala kumarakom ,with the exception of North East. They worked 11 months a year and now enjoy the fruits of their labour. These are the perks of owning your own business. The freedom to spend your time as you wish wih out waiting for a few days of paid leave. You can check up on their trip on their fb page The Epic Indian Road Trip.
Agreed not every one has this kind of freedom. It doesn’t have to be a big expensive adventure or trip. But Do take some time off for you and yours. Trying a new cuisine is also an adventure ,making a new friend or learning a new skill , all new adventures. You just need to take that step.  Enjoy your new adventures.

P.S. I’ve used Copic marker Black and Red, Camlin brush pen Yellow and Staedler text surfer highlighter green for this one.

Day 10 : Risk Factors

This quote I came across really had me thinking.

You’ve to lose somethings to gain some. Most of us have heard this from our parents and teachers and elders. 

Ask our generation and we say We can have it all. We are the generation that believes in taking risks rather than following the crowd. We believe in spending the year’s earnings to have one adventure rather than saving up for a possible future adventure. Living for the moment generation I guess. 
But it is true that for the things that really matter to us we have to take certain risks, be ready to walk the lonely road, know  that you will face criticism and negativity at every phase of your journey. Because not everyone has the guts to follow their heart. And those who do are envied by the rest.

Or like my friend said sometimes you end up risking everything that mattered. So I guess the question is how much would you risk for a life you want to live or are you risking it all for something you don’t really want! Either way taking risks in life is what makes it worth living. Else we are just going through the motion of living and not really doing so. 

I’ve used Camlin Brush Pens for this piece. 

Day 8: Time waits for none

All of us put things off thinking we have time. For Somethings we have time and for somethings we will never have time. There are people who have said when we reach a certain point in life we can think about kids and then regret it because now it’s too late. 

There are men who put off proposing to the love of their life just because they want to reach a certain point in their careers money wise. There are women who put their family’s interests before their own and before you know it they have lost all identity and things they wanted to do.

And then there are many of us who put off going for medical check ups because we think we will be fine. That we are very young. Nothing touches us. 

The reality is time waits for no one. And coming from me that is hypocrisy at its heights because I’m known to put things off. But lately after realising it I’ve made after active change in that lifestyle. I do what needs to be done immediately. It’s not easy for someone like me but I’m making a decision and sticking to it. So if I can maybe you can too. Live for the moment. Do things on time. And save yourself a lifetime of regrets. 

For For this artwork I’ve used Copic markers red and black. 

Day 6: Tober Sales :P


I think all of us at some point either in our life or in our careers have dealt with people that make us go: FUCK!!!! I’M TOO SOBER FOR THIS SHIT.”

Whatever your poison is, You’d rather be high than deal with nut heads. I’ve had this thought one too many times and let me tell you.. if I had been high during any of that I might’ve been on the Most Wanted List 😛 Because let’s face it Life truly does throw you some curve balls and you aren’t always equipped to deal with it. My advice : Get someone you trust or like involved and deal with it together. And if all your tactics fail, do what the most loved red head in the world RONALD WEASLEY says: Punch him in the nose!! 😛

This one is done with Copic dual marker. I’m getting into colours I promise. I’ve just been having too much fun with my copics. 🙂

P.S: My list of Not so Sober Tales are too long to start off right now. I promise as the days go by the tales will unfold.