Day 5 : Girl time!!

Just like how your boyfriend,brother or husband says “I’m going out for a guys night out or I’m Going out with My guys” we girls need that too… Infact more than the guys we require it.. 

I’ve seen doting women give up their social life for their husbands or making their husbands friends circle their own. I’ve seen my friends and me go into a cocoon of just being around the guy we fall for and forget our girl friends.

So once in a while take a trip out with your girls, go for a night out with just the girls..dress up and make a night out of it..For you.. I did that.. Me and my two girls went for a trip to goa. Just us and it made a world of difference to my psychi. I came back refreshed knowing I’ve my ladies I could count on. 

I hope you have such amazing friends you can go with.. it doesn’t have to be a very expensive trip.. it could be a night cap with some wine and sexy movies.. anything you and your girls want.  But make sure u alot time for your friends. 

Sometimes you need to get away from the routine to see you for who you are. 

So put on them High heels, Red Dress, red lipstick and Pain the town red with your special ladies. 


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