Day 6: Tober Sales :P


I think all of us at some point either in our life or in our careers have dealt with people that make us go: FUCK!!!! I’M TOO SOBER FOR THIS SHIT.”

Whatever your poison is, You’d rather be high than deal with nut heads. I’ve had this thought one too many times and let me tell you.. if I had been high during any of that I might’ve been on the Most Wanted List 😛 Because let’s face it Life truly does throw you some curve balls and you aren’t always equipped to deal with it. My advice : Get someone you trust or like involved and deal with it together. And if all your tactics fail, do what the most loved red head in the world RONALD WEASLEY says: Punch him in the nose!! 😛

This one is done with Copic dual marker. I’m getting into colours I promise. I’ve just been having too much fun with my copics. 🙂

P.S: My list of Not so Sober Tales are too long to start off right now. I promise as the days go by the tales will unfold.


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