Day 8: Time waits for none

All of us put things off thinking we have time. For Somethings we have time and for somethings we will never have time. There are people who have said when we reach a certain point in life we can think about kids and then regret it because now it’s too late. 

There are men who put off proposing to the love of their life just because they want to reach a certain point in their careers money wise. There are women who put their family’s interests before their own and before you know it they have lost all identity and things they wanted to do.

And then there are many of us who put off going for medical check ups because we think we will be fine. That we are very young. Nothing touches us. 

The reality is time waits for no one. And coming from me that is hypocrisy at its heights because I’m known to put things off. But lately after realising it I’ve made after active change in that lifestyle. I do what needs to be done immediately. It’s not easy for someone like me but I’m making a decision and sticking to it. So if I can maybe you can too. Live for the moment. Do things on time. And save yourself a lifetime of regrets. 

For For this artwork I’ve used Copic markers red and black. 


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