Day 10 : Risk Factors

This quote I came across really had me thinking.

You’ve to lose somethings to gain some. Most of us have heard this from our parents and teachers and elders. 

Ask our generation and we say We can have it all. We are the generation that believes in taking risks rather than following the crowd. We believe in spending the year’s earnings to have one adventure rather than saving up for a possible future adventure. Living for the moment generation I guess. 
But it is true that for the things that really matter to us we have to take certain risks, be ready to walk the lonely road, know  that you will face criticism and negativity at every phase of your journey. Because not everyone has the guts to follow their heart. And those who do are envied by the rest.

Or like my friend said sometimes you end up risking everything that mattered. So I guess the question is how much would you risk for a life you want to live or are you risking it all for something you don’t really want! Either way taking risks in life is what makes it worth living. Else we are just going through the motion of living and not really doing so. 

I’ve used Camlin Brush Pens for this piece. 


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