Day 7: Adventure Seekers

I’ve always been jealous of people who can pack their bags at a moments notice and take off anywhere they w ant. While most of us aren’t that spontaneous , there has been an increasing amount of youngsters who live on edge with no intentions of setting up their roots.

And then there are people like Shivya Nath, a fellow blogger, travel junkie and an all around badass who left a corporate job to travel the world on her own and writes about it in her blog theshootingstar. Commitments to the people in our life, our job, Monetary gains or losses,keep most of us from taking this step.

And there are the truly awesome set of people who want to share their experiences. 8 individuals,  2 cars, one epic road trip adventure through all of India from north to south, starting from coimbatore travelling through the outer edge of India and returning back to kerala kumarakom ,with the exception of North East. They worked 11 months a year and now enjoy the fruits of their labour. These are the perks of owning your own business. The freedom to spend your time as you wish wih out waiting for a few days of paid leave. You can check up on their trip on their fb page The Epic Indian Road Trip.
Agreed not every one has this kind of freedom. It doesn’t have to be a big expensive adventure or trip. But Do take some time off for you and yours. Trying a new cuisine is also an adventure ,making a new friend or learning a new skill , all new adventures. You just need to take that step.  Enjoy your new adventures.

P.S. I’ve used Copic marker Black and Red, Camlin brush pen Yellow and Staedler text surfer highlighter green for this one.


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