Day 12 : Get your flirt on!!


I know most of the world now goes on dates by swipe left, swipe right and god knows how many other weird things online. And the art of pick up lines is gradually dying. Now you already know so much about the other person before hand just by online stalking them before you go on that real date. So you know your ice-breakers, your common interests. And people rarely check out others in a public place, let alone go and ask them out because almost always everyone is on their phone. Or in groups and it gets intimidating. Even then mostly its simple introductions and asking if they want to grab lunch or go out for a drink.

When was the last time someone used a pick up line on you or you used one yourself??  It truly is a dying art form lost in between keystrokes. So get adventurous boys and girls. Don’t go for the cliches. Go old school. Leave a note(but don’t get stalker creepy :/). Get goofy and funny and quirky or super romantic and bold. Pick your choice and try it on that hottie you’ve been wanting to date 😛

Let the Romance begin!!!

I’ve used ARTLINE CORRECTION PEN 0.7MM on Black Chart Paper for this Pick-up Line.


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