Day 13:It’s all about the pages!!

To be addicted to the pages of a book is a pleasure you don’t fully understand until you are in it. That’s the reason why the Harry Potter universe is still growing and why DC and Marvel can influence a full generation. 

Getting lost in characters you’ve begun to relate with seems much more a possibility than being able to relate to human. Quotes and verses that seem to stay wih you for life. That’s is ttruly he power of books. Words and characters stay with you for life. Whether it’s the nail biting suspense of a Jeffery Archer  or the rib tickling humour of Calvin And Hobbs or the scintillatingly romantic and erotic Sidney Sheldon, every genre of book takes us into a world of its own. Books are the one gift that you can give to someone that keeps on giving. 

So Grab a book. Leave this world into your fantasy. Have a great read!!! 

Ive used Camlin Brush Pens for this sweet quote. 


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