Day 15 Detached Emotions 

Have you ever had a relationship go so far down the drain that you no longer even feel the emotions?? 

This is something I see on a daily basis. People not making an effort to stay in friendships, relationships and marriages. Wherein the person doesn’t even care anymore. Sometimes work takes precedence else you are so connected to the cyber world that reality is tough to fathom. 

Relationships made over phones and Internet. We seem to shy away from human contact. Even in relationships it’s easier to end it when things get a little tough. We are emotionally detached. And it works for us thanks to the busy schedules. 

The positive outcome of this is that I  turn it has made us strong. Gone are the days where you mope around for years together for lost relationships. You fall, you brush it off and move on. No more crying and staining your cheeks with mascara. 

Take the good, leave the bad and know nothing can substitute human touch and emotions are to be felt. That’s what being human is all about. 

I’ve used Camlin Brush pen brown and sharpie pen for the magenta.


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