Day 17: NAUGHTY or NICE!!

Have you all been good this year?? Or incredibly naughty?! 

I for one have been equally both!! And ladies let’s face it.. being nice is overrated… We have one incredibly beautiful life. Be nice to one another but bring out the naughty every once in a while. And with Christmas and Newyear parties cropping up everywhere and men holding on to their movember beards , Just enjoy yourself and make memories that make being in Santa’s naughty list totally worth it!!

So what’s your excuse to santa?? 😈 

Day 16 : Make life your stage. 

Everyone stumbles from time to time. What you do when you stumble makes all the difference. Negative thoughts bring in negative outcomes. Positive thoughts bring in positive outcomes. Every hurdle, every downfall, every stumble makes you the person you are today. Make a master piece out of every spilt emotion and your life will be surrounded by colours and joy. 

Move. Never stop. DANCE. LOVE. BELIEVE. HAVE FAITH. BE KIND. You’ve one life. Make it an epic saga worthy of a gazillion Oscars.  

I’ve used calming brush pens and ink pens.