Day 18: Happy Happie Year end and Happie New Year 

Well… So 2016 is ending… And it’s time for your social media to be flooded with messages and resolutions and brilliant quotes. 

And I’ve one of my own.. well a couple.of them actually.. Cos I’ve had a brilliant and hilariously adventurous year.. The year saw me through a divorce, a change of place, forging new friendships, healing my heart and soul, an accident, finding someone I love with my heart and soul, reconnecting with family  and finally taking up business. All in all a change like never before and I know it will be for the best. 

I’ve to hope that though it might seem like a lot has happened now it’s time for moving forward. In every way. So instead of resolutions I’ve decided that this year I’m going to just heal myself and love myself and try and be kind and the best version of myself. 

Happy New Year to all the wonderful people in my life. Cheers to the ones who aren’t in it but made a difference. LOVE ALL.

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