Stranger Intervention!

Sometimes you need an outsider to push you out of your safe zone. I love to write. I love to create. And that is why I started the 1 year calligraphy challenge. To create everyday. But like everything else, Life had a different plan for me. Months in and out of hospitals, finally leading to me losing my dad. That has been my life and it is almost 3 montha since he passed. 

And Today I met a wonderful stranger on my way to Hyderabad from Coimbatore. Talking to her made me want to write again. To keep this up for no one else but me. So Im going to try to write more. Create more. Keeping him alive in my words and art and in finding my happiness. Thank you S. Guess like everyone I needed the push i didnt know I needed. 

There is a quote:

Grief hits you in waves. 

You got to learn to breathe and live in between the swells. 

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