Finding Joy!!

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of emotions. My pillar of support, my guiding light left this world. My dad and I shared the most bizarre relationship. We fought, we laughed, we lived. But the lessons he gave me in life dawned when he passed away. To realise what a wonderful life he provided for me, the shoves he gave me to find my path in life, and the innumerable experiences that he shared with me, took me time. The last few months have been that. “I was a disappointment” was a phrase I thought he always had in his mind. But I was wrong and I see it now in the months I’ve survived without him.

I’m more than what I believed to be. I’m what he knew me to be. He taught me to find joy in life,in my work, in my world. His life may have been cut short but he lives through me and I will live my best life for him. I found friends that opened me up to new possibilities. I’ve business colleagues who see the potential in me and trust me to be the best version for the company dad left for me. And most of all he left me the possibility of a greater life. My life revolved around the petty issues I had going. But now I voluntarily look for Joy. I’ve grown out of it and opened my eyes to see the world is full of possibilities if you have the guts to go find it. I vow to find Joy, Success and Happiness in this world. I will miss him but he isn’t far away. He is in every step I take in life.

Get out of the blinders you’ve put on yourself and open your eyes and see what a beautiful world we have. Lots of love. Lots of friendship. Ups and downs. But isn’t that what makes life beautiful. Isnt that what makes us live and not just survive? Find your spot in this world. You were put here for a reason. Find it. Live it. Be the Joy.

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