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I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE. And yes I’m screaming it from the top of my lungs. And this isn’t a oh he is hot, Oh he is loaded, Oh he is a good match by everyone’s standard kinda love. This is butterflies every time you get a call or msg, everytime he says your name your heat skips a beat, unconditionally loving him knowing he has a hurtful past that he is still healing from, knowing he is human and loving him as he is, whether it’s for a day or eternity loving him just the same, living each day like it’s last. I sound like a mumbling rosy eyes teenager. I know. But I’m a 33 yr old grown ass bi-woman. Divorced. Experienced heartbreak over and over again. And yet I only know to love so. With my entirety. And when I least expected it, love hit me. It hasn’t changed my plans for my life. It just includes him in the plan. How we make it work will be a beautiful journey. And I intend to fully enjoy it. Because you see, I hadn’t felt this in over 15 yrs. Just the thought of him makes me smile ear to ear. And he is all I think about these days. Needless to say I’ve a permanent laugh on my face. The intensity is off the radar, I know. But when you feel a person’s presense throughout your body even through the phone, you don’t let go of it. You show them the love you feel. You show them they are worthy of your love. You show them what UNCONDITIONAL means. And if it’s meant to be, they will see it and they feel the same.

I Love You, Nunu. Heart, soul, spirit, and body

Finding Joy!!

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of emotions. My pillar of support, my guiding light left this world. My dad and I shared the most bizarre relationship. We fought, we laughed, we lived. But the lessons he gave me in life dawned when he passed away. To realise what a wonderful life he provided for me, the shoves he gave me to find my path in life, and the innumerable experiences that he shared with me, took me time. The last few months have been that. “I was a disappointment” was a phrase I thought he always had in his mind. But I was wrong and I see it now in the months I’ve survived without him.

I’m more than what I believed to be. I’m what he knew me to be. He taught me to find joy in life,in my work, in my world. His life may have been cut short but he lives through me and I will live my best life for him. I found friends that opened me up to new possibilities. I’ve business colleagues who see the potential in me and trust me to be the best version for the company dad left for me. And most of all he left me the possibility of a greater life. My life revolved around the petty issues I had going. But now I voluntarily look for Joy. I’ve grown out of it and opened my eyes to see the world is full of possibilities if you have the guts to go find it. I vow to find Joy, Success and Happiness in this world. I will miss him but he isn’t far away. He is in every step I take in life.

Get out of the blinders you’ve put on yourself and open your eyes and see what a beautiful world we have. Lots of love. Lots of friendship. Ups and downs. But isn’t that what makes life beautiful. Isnt that what makes us live and not just survive? Find your spot in this world. You were put here for a reason. Find it. Live it. Be the Joy.

A question to the world???

Life Perspectives:

Your take on life depends on who is in your life and what events happen in your life. You hear a lot of people saying “You changed my life.” Or “That particular incident changed their lives.”

If this is true, can you manipulate the events of your life to better fit your perspectives? 

Say I want a hallmark level of Happily Ever After. And I’ve been through numerous relationships and a divorce. Now those events changed my idea of Happily Ever After’s. Does this mean that I let those incidents and people affect my future chance of a relationship? Why do these affect my idea of relationships so much that I’m afraid to even give it a chance?? 

Now about incidents: My father passed away four months back. The business fell into my hands. Immense responsibilities, and no time to grieve the loss of the most important man in my life. Now this incident has made me very cold, in terms of addressing my feelings and dealing with this loss. Instead I’ve put those emotions into a box and locked it and thrown away the key. Now if I were to grieve,I’m considered weak. And since I’ve started going about life as best as I can, I’m now perceived as someone his death didnt affect unlike the rest of the family. 

So how best can I handle this? I honestly have no idea.. and I shall continue to search. But meanwhile Ive come up with a temporary situation. Ignore the world’s opinion and go about my business and not let anyone decide what my life journey will be. 

Stranger Intervention!

Sometimes you need an outsider to push you out of your safe zone. I love to write. I love to create. And that is why I started the 1 year calligraphy challenge. To create everyday. But like everything else, Life had a different plan for me. Months in and out of hospitals, finally leading to me losing my dad. That has been my life and it is almost 3 montha since he passed. 

And Today I met a wonderful stranger on my way to Hyderabad from Coimbatore. Talking to her made me want to write again. To keep this up for no one else but me. So Im going to try to write more. Create more. Keeping him alive in my words and art and in finding my happiness. Thank you S. Guess like everyone I needed the push i didnt know I needed. 

There is a quote:

Grief hits you in waves. 

You got to learn to breathe and live in between the swells. 



Smudging is a very integral part of the Native American culture. Every dream catcher by AHYOKA is given a smudging before and after the product is made. Smudging is a powerful way to initiate and bless your dream catcher. Rituals have great meaning and can put your mind and thoughts into action. Your dream catcher can become one with your feelings and perform the way you want it to.

Once you have decided where to hang your dream catcher, it is time to perform the ceremony that will enable it to work properly in your home or living space.

For the ceremony herbs like sage, eucalyptus or lavender is lit and its smoke is used to cleanse the house. Use a feather (eagle or dove) to blow the smoke and offer up a prayer for your dream catcher and what you wish for it to bless your home. Become one with the dream catcher and allow yourself to visualize what the dream catcher is there to protect. End your ceremony by thanking your dream catcher and the elements of nature Air, Fire, Water and Earth and feel it ready to bless your home.

You are ready to place your dream catcher in the chosen spot to hang over and protect your home, family, or thoughts.Though essentially a Native American ritual , make the whole process as personal as you can.  Initiating a dream catcher is a highly spiritual ceremony in which you become one with the energies around you. 


Day 19 : Brush Lettering Art Decor 

This is one of the coolest quotes from Mr. Kate. My New Obsession!!!! 

Most people who know me know how much I love home decor. My room looks like a hurricane hit it but still I will style your home like nobody does. And I watch every possible home decor show out there from Cousins Undercover to Mr. Kate to Tiny homes. OK so am a bit overly obsessed with tiny homes. But how can you blame me.. Have you guys seen those marvels of architecture??? 

If you are on your very first home or you need to decorate your rental without punching holes through the walls, check out some great cool inexpensive ways to revamp your room. After all where you sleep is where you dream. And the room has to have the best vibes ever. Do check out Mr.Kate on YouTube. 

Shout out to all the wacko weirdos whose room styling is on edge!!! 

Your Story!!

scan_pic0384What’s my story?? I think about this line every time I meet someone new. I can be different versions of me or the most true me. We all have our baggage. I’ve had my fair share of ecstatic highs and depressing lows. But how a new person sees me I entirely up to me. With each new person you meet you can choose to leave a bit of your bad past behind or take it along. How to choose to write your story is up to you. You could inspire, you could make someone else’s life feel less of a burden with your stories or at the very least you can make someone laugh.


Every story you tell, every life you touch, every single difference you make in this world, to inspire it or to change it, will be your legacy.


First month of the Year!!

2017 IS PROVING TO BE A SEXY YEAR INDEED!! 20161106_172558-1

Started off with travels and it promises to take me around the world. According to Chinese Horoscope, this year being the year of the Rooster, my sign which is Rabbit (a little too spot on :P) has the worst year ever. I found that out on the 3rd of Jan. And today on the 27th I can tell you, you make your own destiny.

So far, I’ve taken up new responsibilities in my company, traveled twice on business, met amazing people, found my soulmate who makes my heart sing and more than anything I’ve learnt to find joy for myself. So all my resolutions of I’ll do this and I’ll do that are out the window already. For now lets handle one day at a time. Love, Laugh and Live.

Start every morning thanking the almighty for the day ahead and end the night with gratitude for a good day and hope for a better day tomorrow.



Day 18: Happy Happie Year end and Happie New Year 

Well… So 2016 is ending… And it’s time for your social media to be flooded with messages and resolutions and brilliant quotes. 

And I’ve one of my own.. well a couple.of them actually.. Cos I’ve had a brilliant and hilariously adventurous year.. The year saw me through a divorce, a change of place, forging new friendships, healing my heart and soul, an accident, finding someone I love with my heart and soul, reconnecting with family  and finally taking up business. All in all a change like never before and I know it will be for the best. 

I’ve to hope that though it might seem like a lot has happened now it’s time for moving forward. In every way. So instead of resolutions I’ve decided that this year I’m going to just heal myself and love myself and try and be kind and the best version of myself. 

Happy New Year to all the wonderful people in my life. Cheers to the ones who aren’t in it but made a difference. LOVE ALL.

Day 17: NAUGHTY or NICE!!

Have you all been good this year?? Or incredibly naughty?! 

I for one have been equally both!! And ladies let’s face it.. being nice is overrated… We have one incredibly beautiful life. Be nice to one another but bring out the naughty every once in a while. And with Christmas and Newyear parties cropping up everywhere and men holding on to their movember beards , Just enjoy yourself and make memories that make being in Santa’s naughty list totally worth it!!

So what’s your excuse to santa?? 😈