A question to the world???

Life Perspectives:

Your take on life depends on who is in your life and what events happen in your life. You hear a lot of people saying “You changed my life.” Or “That particular incident changed their lives.”

If this is true, can you manipulate the events of your life to better fit your perspectives? 

Say I want a hallmark level of Happily Ever After. And I’ve been through numerous relationships and a divorce. Now those events changed my idea of Happily Ever After’s. Does this mean that I let those incidents and people affect my future chance of a relationship? Why do these affect my idea of relationships so much that I’m afraid to even give it a chance?? 

Now about incidents: My father passed away four months back. The business fell into my hands. Immense responsibilities, and no time to grieve the loss of the most important man in my life. Now this incident has made me very cold, in terms of addressing my feelings and dealing with this loss. Instead I’ve put those emotions into a box and locked it and thrown away the key. Now if I were to grieve,I’m considered weak. And since I’ve started going about life as best as I can, I’m now perceived as someone his death didnt affect unlike the rest of the family. 

So how best can I handle this? I honestly have no idea.. and I shall continue to search. But meanwhile Ive come up with a temporary situation. Ignore the world’s opinion and go about my business and not let anyone decide what my life journey will be. 

Day 4: Love

When love strikes: I’m sure many of us have told our friends that they don’t understand how it is.. That this time its different.. And Love just strikes us out of nowhere. I’ve been there. I’ve heard it told to me. Yes we cannot help who we fall in love with but then Don’t let love strike you. Lightening strikes. Not Love. 🙂

By all means fall in love. I’m a true believer in love. But also believe we tend to lose ourselves in love. We sometimes, in the pursuit of being in love, let the other person treat you wrong. You let parts of you chip away. You let things slide. First the small stuff that really didn’t matter and then the bigger stuff tat matter. And before you know you are emotionally dependent on that person, who knowing this takes full advantage of it and leeches onto you.

But then again there are those lucky few in this age and time, where they find their perfect love. Whose quirks meet theirs, whose crazy is their crazy, Letty to his Dom (Fast and Furious fan alert)  and more than anything they just fit.And for them LOVE TRULY DOES STRIKE.. And it STRIKES them hard. And for the rest of us mere mortals, one sided lovers and desperate romantics hoping for our Mills & Boons moment… Keep looking.. You may never know when cupid decides to pull those strings and strike you with his arrow.

So safe guard your heart but don’t lock it away and throw the keys. As much heartache  as you’ve been through, when love finally happens,it’s a breath of fresh air.

So today’s Brush Script is done with Copic Black 0 Dual Marker. Simple but strong words. when-love-strikes