First month of the Year!!

2017 IS PROVING TO BE A SEXY YEAR INDEED!! 20161106_172558-1

Started off with travels and it promises to take me around the world. According to Chinese Horoscope, this year being the year of the Rooster, my sign which is Rabbit (a little too spot on :P) has the worst year ever. I found that out on the 3rd of Jan. And today on the 27th I can tell you, you make your own destiny.

So far, I’ve taken up new responsibilities in my company, traveled twice on business, met amazing people, found my soulmate who makes my heart sing and more than anything I’ve learnt to find joy for myself. So all my resolutions of I’ll do this and I’ll do that are out the window already. For now lets handle one day at a time. Love, Laugh and Live.

Start every morning thanking the almighty for the day ahead and end the night with gratitude for a good day and hope for a better day tomorrow.